Who We Are

Our Mission

Re-Log comes from industry professionals. It was born from the will of those who have dealt with logistics issues for years, for customers of various nature with the aim of increasing efficiency, service level, flexibility and know-how.

Our team has ten years of experience in the field of:

- Logistics outsourcing
- Trade relations management
- WMS softwares deployment and integration
- Integrations and implementations of logistics automations
- Advisor in software selection processes
- Project management activities
- Business plan for investment choices in automated processes
- Definition of operating and directional dashboards
- Continuous improvement projects for the best efficiency and effectiveness
- Time and method analysis
- Reengineering processes to define lean operating flows
- Analysis of critic processes and trade-offs to find the right "second best"
- Redesign of warehouse lay-out
- Redesign of the entire supply chain for national and worldwide flows



He has twenty years of experience in the world of cooperatives and logistics contracts. Expert in industrial relations, trade unions and resource management.
He was fully entrusted with logistics contracts due to trade-union and organizational issues. For the same reason, he is a senior consultant for business market leaders. Last but not least, his experience in managing contractual relationships with international logistics companies and his ability to analyze processes in the intra-logistic field.


He's focused on re-engineering organizational processes and believes that the proper use of corporate information systems is a critical factor in fighting waste.
He has a deep knowledge of analytical control dynamics in distribution companies. His task is to translate the hypotheses generated by the strategic logistics consultancy into economic values.
His mission is to align the expectations of corporate management with other business functions by creating functional and/or control dashboards that are appropriate to their business model.


The Senior Team consists of professionals with at least twenty years of experience as Logistics Managers, Plant Managers, Project Managers, Technical Designers, Job Consultants and Specialists in Legal Affairs in the Supply Chain field.
Everybody is ready to cooperate in a synergic way to obtain the best result.