Organizations are structured and managed by people in order to achieve common goals through structured processes. Understanding an organization is useful to "get a picture" of the governance of a process.
Re-Log's aim is to verify if the organizational model is aligned with the business model, if the information circulates correctly and whether the current governance allows the most efficient handling of the processes.


Often the company thinks that it already makes the most of the current situation, and that new investments (new installations, new extensions, new deposits, etc.) are needed to implement the system. It thinks that the status quo is already at the highest possible level of efficiency. However, this mink is often due to a mix of daily contingencies, habits and everyday life.
Re-Log maps the current processes to highlight wastes and critical areas, and to highlight new potential by exploiting existing resources.


Business processes have to be always improved. As the conditions change, processes need to find a different configuration to maintain the highest efficiency possible. Modifying processes, responsibilities and control centers should be common business maintenance.

Re-Log was created by professionals of the outsourcing industry.
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