Conformity and genuineness of logistics contracts

Re-Log gives customers the chance to assist during this process and verify the authenticity of the completed outsourcing process afterwards.

Re-Log fulfills this purpose thanks to two tools: the D|Basic is a critical assessment service that is essential for the company to become aware of its situation regarding the actual outsourcing relationship.
An analysis of the corporate structure gives the customer a picture of their position in relation to legislative compliance, critical areas and possible corrective actions, and the path to follow to comply with all the current standards. This service provides the company with a detailed insight into the strategic steps that are useful for the smooth running or repair of the abnormalities, eliminating possible risk areas.
This tool captures the reality and compares it with the process of perfect outsourcing.
The steps to have the full picture of a situation are:

- Detection of the current business organization
- Outsourcing perimeter detection
- Contractual analysis
- Document security analysis
- Documentation analysis of training
- Contractor document analysis
- Technical-organizational analysis

D|Basic ends with a final report formalizing the status quo and identifying tips for a better contract management.

The second step takes shape with the D|Advanced, where Re-Log assists the customer at all stages of the problem management highlighted by the D|Basic analysis.
From the strategic analysis of cost measurement, regulatory compliance to technical-operational efficiency, from security to risk management, from training to organization and motivation of human resources, to government financial dynamics.

Tender Manager

In case the customer wishes to outsource their logistics or wants to propose substantial changes to the relationship already in place, Re-Log accompanies the customer throughout the process. As a logistics advisor, our company follows these steps:

- Defining the perimeter of the outsourcing project
- Highlighting project constraints
- Analysis of streams and processes to be outsourced
- Analysis of possible process improvements
- KPI designation and service level agreement with the future partner
- Definition of technical specifications and tariffs
- Analysis of potential service providers
- Launch of tender
- Bid analysis
- Definition of "vendor scorecard" as a supplier evaluation
- Short list generation
- Contract formulation and related attachments
- Partner choice
- Time scheduling
- Performance monitoring for the first time
- Dashboard definition

Re-Log was created by professionals of the outsourcing industry.
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