Strategic Planning

In a world where customer service levels are a top priority and market scenarios evolve rapidly, it is the duty of businesses to have the tools to support growth. Know-how is the key to the correct interpretation of market needs and its translation into efficient solutions.

Re-Log helps declining the strategic industrial plan in the technical supply chain.
While analyzing the markets, the expected service levels, the current situation and the constraints, Re-Log offers the customer a clear view of the logistic plan needed to achieve the expected goals. The final report gives two or three alternative solutions (from the most automated to the most traditional) with a SWOT analysis (a matrix that highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risk) for each identified option. You can also use a business plan to evaluate the expected returns.

Operational Design

The operational design is born from the strategic project. The strategic "concept" is translated into more operative, technical and detailed aspects. Re-Log joins the customer and support him/her during every stage of the project.


The best logistics is the one that anticipates the evolution of the market by exploiting the synergies with the world of technology. Integrated WMS, Big Data Management, Robotics & Automation are no longer optional, but the core elements of modern and efficient logistics.

Re-Log carefully evaluates the potential integration of such solutions in every project. We believe in efficient automation while fully respecting the process's flexibility.
Logistics has been experiencing a deep and suffered integration with corporate and non-corporate information systems in recent years. But now it benefits from a structured mapping of streams and processes that allows to consider robotics as an efficient alternative to manual handling. We are facing a new frontier: from information automation (WMS, barcodes, RFID, etc.) to physical movement automation of goods.


Our experiences in the distribution field allow Re-Log to be careful advisers in the software selection that makes the planning more efficient, as well as to increase customer service levels.

In this sense, Re-Log experiences are in these two fields:
- Procurement planning (automatic store replenishment, demand planning etc.)
- Travel planning (Transport management system)

Re-Log was created by professionals of the outsourcing industry.
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